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關於Crystal Chan & David Wong 


專業品酒導師、專欄作家及Pink Pink Wine的創辦人,最近出版全港第一本食譜配酒書《品酒師的廚房》。考獲國際認可WSET三級葡萄酒及烈酒認証Double Distinction、WSET三級清酒認証Distinction、SSI國際唎酒師,並於《招職》及葡萄酒雜誌《釀・生活》撰寫品酒專欄。擔任MBA Festival、香港餐飲展、香港理工大學、香港科技大學校友會、香港城市大學舊生會、各大銀行保險公司的品酒會講師。擔任香港美酒佳餚巡禮煮食示範及配酒。

Crystal & David 專長酒食配搭,屬少數精通品酒及烹飪的二人組合。以熱愛烹飪、配酒大膽見稱,至今累積試超過2000個酒食配搭。一般侍酒師只提供配酒建議,但不會煮食。他們走前一步,愛煮又愛品酒,貫穿食物與酒的味道和質感,比一般人更跳脫、更準確以中、亞及歐美菜式配搭各國葡萄酒,激發美味。他們的理念是「享受生活化」,鼓勵將高級餐廳的享受帶進家中飯桌。推動首創「簡酒」文化®,也舉辦品酒煮食課程與眾同樂。

專業服務: 教授公司團體及私人品酒班、煮食課程、酒食配搭顧問、撰寫專欄。歡迎查詢。

酒食書作者:    《品酒師的廚房》,全港第一本食譜配酒書
專業資格:    國際認可WSET三級葡萄酒及烈酒認証Double Distinction、WSET三級清酒認証Distinction及
專欄作家:    《招職》雜誌專欄「酒思飯局」、《釀・生活》雜誌專欄「酒入廚房」
教學經驗:    於MBA Festival、香港美酒佳餚巡禮、香港餐飲展、香港理工大學、香港科技大學校友會、
評酒經驗:   香港酒業總商會酒類評審委員、香港葡萄酒評審協會評審會員
傳媒報導:    被《明報》副刊譽為揀酒顧問,被TVB、鳳凰衛視、Yahoo! 新煮意、U Magazine、Cup
Food and Wine Educator: Crystal Chan and David Wong



About Crystal Chan & David Wong

Wine educator, wine columnist and founder of Pink Pink Wine, also the author of the first-ever food and wine pairing cookbook in Hong Kong, named《品酒師的廚房》. Holder of WSET level 3 Double Distinction, Crystal & David writes in 《Jiu Jik》 magazine and 《Cru ・Magazine》. They are speaker of wine tasting workshop of MBA Festival, Polytechnic University and various corporate.

Crystal & David specialize in food and wine pairing, mastering both cooking and wine tasting like no others. Ultra-sensitive palate and creative pairing is their signature icon, not to mention over 2000 food and wine pairing they had tasted.  As they master cooking, so they are expert in combining flavor and texture of dish and wine to a new level.  To be exact, they pair Chinese, Asian and Western dish with wine from different countries, bring out the new combined flavor and make whole pairing more fun.Their philosophy is "Bringing food & wine pairing enjoyment from heaven to earth", they meant to encourage people cook at home, pair with wine. "6 Wine Collection ®" is also invented by them to put forward a simple wine culture. Most important, they organize wine tasting and cooking class for all to enjoy.

Service: Corporate or private wine tasting class, Cooking class, Food & wine pairing consultation. Welcome enquiry.


Author:    《品酒師的廚房》
Qualification:    Holder of international wine course WSET Wine and Spirit level 3 Double Distinction,
     WSET Sake level 3 Distinction, Sake Service Institute International Kikisake-shi
Columnist:    Wine columnist of 《Jiu Jik》 Magazine &《Cru ・Magazine》
Teaching Experience:     MBA Festival, Wine and Dine Festival, Restaurant and Bar Hong Kong, Polytechnic University, 
    HKUST Alumni Association, City University of Hong Kong Alumni Association, Hong Kong
    Institute of Certified Public Accountants and various bank and insurance corporate
Wine Judge:   Judge Member of Hong Kong General Chamber of Wine & Spirits, Judge Member of
    Hong Kong Wine Judges Association 
Press:    Media interview includes TVB, Phoenix Television, Ming Pao, Yahoo! 新煮意, U Magazine, 
    Cup Magazine etc.